Royal Enfield, the world’s fastest growing motorcycle brand and pioneer of leisure motorcycling in India, has announced the second edition of ‘Scramble’ their new ride format for adventure enthusiasts. The activity will be held at Ropar, Punjab from August 23-27, 2017 with 25 teams of two each who will be competing with each other through on the three days of the ride. 
Royal Enfield has always pioneered leisure motorcycling in India with rides such as Tour of Nepal, Tour of Bhutan, Tour of Rajasthan and the coveted Himalayan Odyssey. It has nudged many customers and motorcycle aspirants to ride more and ride pure. With a growing interest of enthusiasts in the adventure motorcycling segment, Royal Enfield Scramble is a new initiative that encourages customers to experience adventure motorcycling in a non-extreme yet a competitive format.
With the aim of combining the spirit of motorcycling with exploration, adventure and camaraderie, ‘Scramble’ has been curated in partnership with Himalayan Motorsport to appeal to seasoned riders who have tackled fast changing conditions and terrains. The three day event will test the character and expertise that a rider possesses, however imbibing the spirit of community riding, which is a hallmark of Royal Enfield rides. Registrations are now open on
Royal Enfield Scramble will comprise of separate categories for both men and women with two participants in each team. On each of the three days, the teams will be given new challenges to complete along that will have obstacles and choices based on the game theory. Each challenge will have separate points in a TSD (Time-Speed-Distance) format basis which the winners will be decided.

Schedule of the ride:
23rd August 2017
Day 0 – Briefing & Scrutiny
24th August 2017
Day 1 – Leg 1 – Race Day
25th August 2017
Day 2 – Leg 2 – Race Day
26th August 2017
Day 3 – Leg 3 – Race Day
1900 Hours Prize Distribution
27th August 2017
Day 4 – Departure