The distributed control system offers over 20% lifecycle cost reduction while improving reliability, safety and efficiency of various industrial operations

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) recently announced the successful installation of its 100th PlantCruise by Experion® Distributed Control System (DCS) in India. Based on the award-winning  Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS), PlantCruise brings the best of proven Experion PKS technology to help optimize industrial performance around the world. Globally, around 500 manufacturers use Honeywell’s PlantCruise today.

 “With a push from the Government, India’s manufacturing sector is on a path to tremendous growth,” said Achal Nath, Business Leader India of HPS’ Process Measurement and Control business. “Fueled by that growth, companies often seek a robust DCS solution for control of continuous and batch processes to reduce costs and meet sustainability objectives. For all of these criteria, PlantCruise is a perfect-fit DCS that is designed to match the varied application needs of customers across verticals.”

Industries such as chemicals, power, paper, metals and mining, pharmaceuticals, wastewater treatment, and food and beverage have very specific process needs. PlantCruise not only provides the most advanced of DCS functionality, but also simplifies the use and configuration of these capabilities.

Echoing this view, Ababuddha Sajjan, Associate Vice President, Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd., said: “Isgec’s business is characterized by increasing demand across product verticals, amidst growing competition. In this environment, PlantCruise is one solution that helps us meet the industry’s regulations and customers’ needs for tailor-designed solutions. We are happy to have partnered with Honeywell and are certain that PlantCruise continues to give us an edge in the industry.”

Adds Achal: “Over the past five years, PlantCruise has shown tremendous promise for future growth in the country’s robust manufacturing ecosystem. Installing the 100th PlantCruise in India is an affirmation of our technology strength and our commitment to working hand in hand with our local partners.”

Some of the leading manufacturers in India using PlantCruise are Shri Ram Fiber (SRF), Thermax, Dr. Reddy’s Lab, Privi Organics, Ambalica Sugar, Gallant Metals, Artee Industries, Cogen Power Technologies, and Nirani Sugars.