Sets in Motion India’s Electric Mobility Mission 2030


Mahindra Electric, a pioneer in the development and manufacture of electric vehicles (EV) and a part of India’s $19 billion Mahindra Group, announced the completion of 50 million electric kilometers on Indian roads.

Together, the e2o and e2oPlus electric cars have contributed to a saving of 2,50,000 kgs of carbon dioxide emission into the environment which is the equivalent of planting 25,000 new trees. This milestone marks the beginning of a greener future for India and announces the arrival of an Electric Mobility revolution.

Commenting on this milestone, Mr. Mahesh Babu, CEO, Mahindra Electric, said: “Crossing the 50 million electric kilometers milestone comes at a time when the Government has significantly increased its thrust on electric vehicles and accelerated the process of large scale adoption of electric vehicles through its Electric Mobility Mission 2030.  This is a proud moment for us and reaffirms our role in India’s electric mobility revolution.”

Mr. Babu further said: “To put this 50 million electric kilometers into perspective, imagine the e2o and e2oPlus doing a trip from Earth to Mars. We would like to thank our customers, the EV pioneers of India, for their support that has enabled us to reach the country’s first EV milestone and helped us to set out on the next phase of this exciting journey.”

India’s leading electric car, the e2oPlus has smart technology and telematics integrated into it. These features allow the vehicle to remain connected with the customer as well as Mahindra Electric. Telematics help Mahindra Electric engineers to remotely diagnose and fix any issues that may come up in the vehicle. It also helps collect big data to help fine tune and improve the technology that is at the core of these vehicles.