International transport operator FlixBus has awarded ENGIE Group subsidiary Icomera the contract to provide an advanced onboard Internet connectivity platform to its fleet of intercity coaches. Installation of the initial 1,500 vehicles in Europe and the US will begin in spring 2018, with the roll-out due to be completed in 2019.

The Icomera solution will deliver next generation Passenger Wi-Fi and a powerful onboard entertainment system directly to passengers’ smart devices. FlixBus passengers will be able to enjoy Hollywood movie content, TV shows, games, eBooks, audiobooks and magazines, as well as being kept up-to-date with real-time journey information. The service will be deployed using Icomera’s new X³ multi-radio and applications router, the latest release for the flagship X-Series platform. Supported by powerful cloud-based configuration, monitoring and reporting management tools, and capable of running multiple, resource-intensive applications simultaneously, the X³ hardware is ideally suited to providing FlixBus with scalable, future-proof Internet connectivity.

Karl-Johan Holm, CEO of Icomera, said: “We welcome the opportunity to partner with FlixBus for the next stage of their journey to deliver a best-in-class travel experience through advanced mobile Internet connectivity. As a forward-thinking operator, FlixBus naturally complement our own long-standing dedication to providing Connected Journeys and green mobility for all.” 

Daniel Krauss, CIO and Founder of FlixBus, said: “Having worked together since 2013, we are pleased to continue our successful partnership with Icomera. This agreement reaffirms FlixBus’ vision to deliver the best possible passenger experience and to provide a sustainable, convenient alternative to private transport.”