Spanish manufacturer Masats announced the start of production of its manufacturing plant in Kennesaw, Georgia

With the start-up of this plant, Masats has achieved the goal of being an American manufacturer of doors, fulfilling the Buy America Act (BAA).

The first doors for 2018 contracts have already begun to be shipped from Masats-LLC plant in Kennesaw, GA, to the respective clients.
As a first phase, Masats-LLC has prioritized the manufacture of BAA doors for Transit buses, to be followed shortly by commuter vehicles doors, that will go in production in the second quarter of 2018, and shipments in late June.

Subsequently, Masats will broaden the range of products manufactured in the US to the doors for motor coaches, minibuses and other products.

The Masats-LLC plant in Kennesaw, will also host the Service Department in North America, from where the distribution of spare parts and the Field Service Network will be managed. That will progressively expand, prioritizing the areas of activity, for all the vehicles equipped with Masats doors.

Masats is a world-class manufacturer of doors and accessibility systems for vehicles of public transportation, including transit buses, motor coaches, minibuses and rail cars.

Founded in 1967, Masats celebrated its 50th anniversary last year.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Masats opened the subsidiary in the US, Masats LLC, with manufacturing operations located in Kennesaw, metro Atlanta, Georgia.

The activities of Masats Llc in North America, however, began back in 2016, with the supply of doors for vehicles mainly destined for the Canadian market. Currently there are more than 300 vehicles with Masats doors operating in different cities.