Mr. Bharat Joshi, British Deputy High Commissioner in Chennai, in his last annual press meet, parried a lot of questions on topics such as Indo-British trade, visa clearance and business transitions, the post-BREXIT situation, etc. 

He disclosed that more than 5.5 lakh visas were issued from India to the UK, representing a growth of 27%. The continued work with the British Council ensures promotion of the British English among Chennai students. 

The British Deputy High Commission is keen on sharing expertise in offshore wind energy with Tamil Nadu. It looks forward to more business relations between Tamil Nadu and London in the aftermath of the Global Investors Meet (GIM) organized by the late Chief Minister, Dr. J. Jayalalithaa. The Commission is also supporting a proposal to set up a financial services centre of excellence in Chennai by STPI along with the Tamil Nadu Government. The UK Government proposes to invest £1 million in the digital health care project to support India’s National Health Programme using the UK technology.

He further said that the trade and investment between the UK and India had gone up by 15% with a substantial increase in the number of jobs created in both countries. There may be some restrictions on the guidelines for students.
Referring to the question of controversial leaders like Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi, Neerav, M. Choksi, and Karthi Chidambaram’s asylum in London, Mr. Joshi said both Law and Courts in London will take of these issues. However, the general idea is to ensure a cordial relationship between India and the UK. 

He also said that Harri’s wedding in London will attract more Indians and a lot of English cricketers are now doing well in both T20 – IPL series. 

Mr. Bharat Joshi was frank enough to say that himself, his wife and daughter will be missing Chennai as the city is an excellent centre for cultural business ethos, from Bharatanatyam to Music and Business.