The Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce celebrated their 29th Annual day on the 15th October in Chennai. General S.P. Sharma, Rtd., Indian Coast Guard and the Director of the Indo – Australian Chamber, co-ordinated the evening’s event.

Mr. Prakash Chella, the President of the Chamber welcomed the gathering by giving the opening address. Mr Chella is an entrepreneur and a real estate pioneer with operations in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and in parts of Kerala.

“The [Indo-Australian] Chamber has grown from establishment in 1989, into an outward looking, market oriented and trade focused, keeping pace with the gather moment and improving the bilateral relations,” he stated.

Mr Gopal Srinivasan, Chairman of TVS Capital Funds was present as the guest of honour and gave a special address. “Shockingly 40 trillion dollars are spent on international trade every year. This is the highest ever in human history and shows that the world depends a lot on foreign trade” he said.

“Australia has an amazing balance of exports and international trade. The exports are similar or equal to the imports”, he added.

Mr Srinivasan stated that even after Australia faced global financial crisis and even terrorism, Australia still managed to be an ever-growing economy and shows an expanding GDP. “This is something we should learn, as we suffered the last year due to factors like GST”, he said.

Ms Leonie Muldoon, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, South Asia, was honoured as the Chief Guest for the event.

Ms Leonie Muldoon, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, South Asia

Ms Muldoon is in charge of for developing trade, investment and education links between Australia and South Asia, while overseeing a network of 15 offices across India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

“India is vast with opportunities to develop trade, but it is not without its challenges. Success requires good understandings and partnerships”, she said during her special address. She stated that those who learnt to collaborate and improvise, survive and prevail in the trade environment.

“In a tough market like India, it is critical that Australian companies are partners and trust each other, to successfully collaborate and prevail”, she added.

Ms. Muldoon also mentioned that the number of Indian immigrants in Australia, for education has increased over the years and that Australia was one the most favoured countries for pursuing higher education for Indians.