India Yamaha Motor (IYM) Pvt Ltd. concluded another thrilling chapter of its ongoing ‘The Call of the Blue’ event at Ezone Club, Marathahalli. The event charmed all its patrons in tech-hub with its exciting and stylish activities such as the Gymkhana riding where the riders displayed skills of bike riding at the tracks, and along with a long array of Yamaha vintage motorcycles that were showcased at the Hall of Fame area and two wheeler enthusiasts were given an opportunity to garner information on the latest bikes launched by Yamaha.

The event was rigorously put together to engage the Yamaha customers with the aim of creating a sense of belongingness and pride while keeping the global image of Yamaha intact, i.e., ‘exciting, stylish and sporty’.

After Bengaluru, The Call of the Blue event is scheduled in Delhi-NCR around November this year.

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The Call of the Blue was hosted in Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad during September and October this year which has seen enormous footfall and lively participations from motorcyclists of the city.

The series of all these events earned admiration with the spontaneous involvement from the crowd, eventually recognizing Yamaha’s true DNA – exciting, stylish and sporty.

During the national announcement of the brand campaign, Mr. Motofumi Shitara, Chairman, Yamaha Motor India group of companies had said, “Yamaha’s global corporate mission of realizing kando should be expressively achieved through all of its products or related experiences. Being a #CustomerFirst brand, it is our duty to create delightful experiences for customers that can enrich their lives in the long run.”

“The launch of “The Call of the Blue” should convey Yamaha customers or any customer of two wheelers about the brand’s commitment to provide highly advanced technology as well as treasuring style through its two wheelers. The launch of new products under the campaign launch will offer exciting experiences put together by the Yamaha uniqueness.”

He further added on this occasion, “Yamaha is extremely convinced to put together a brand engagement event following a vibrant riding culture of Bengaluru which is also an important market for Yamaha. The excitement and style that is offered to Yamaha customers through such initiatives is only what counts for us as a ‘kando’ creating company.”