A research commissioned by the International Zinc Association has suggested that automobile manufacturers must increase the adoption of ‘galvanised steel’ to ensure enhanced durability and safety of cars.

The study, led by former IIT Bombay Department of Metallurgy Engineering department professor, Mr Anand Khanna, said that there could be 20 per cent higher risk of accidents and death due to rusty cars. He also stressed the importance of protecting steel against corrosion.

The study showed that Indians spend nearly 12 hours their time behind the wheels on an average every day, which when not protected in all aspects, could lead to higher risk of injury or fatal accidents.

About 500 cars between five and 10 years old, across all the models which include hatchbacks and sedan segments were used for the study.

The findings from the research stressed the need for an increased adoption of galvanised steel in automotive industry, especially in coastal areas of the country in order to increase the durability of cars.

The International Zinc Association consultant, Dr Dough Rourke, during the press conference, stated that one of the underlying insights that emerged from the study was the need for increased galvanisation of automotive parts.

“The study brings into light the striking difference in galvanisation of body parts in cars manufactured for domestic consumers which stands at 15-30 per cent when the same stands at 70 per cent for those cars shipped out of India”, he said.

Professor Khanna added by saying, “The study is an eye opener for car owners in the city as it clearly indicates the causes for imperfection that arise owing to climatic conditions.”

He expressed confidence that Chennai being an auto manufacturing hub, the companies will consider the insights from the study.