In January 2019, the largest rally-marathon sets off. Technical specialists of Gazpromneft-Lubricants mobile laboratory will conduct G-Energy oil tests under extreme conditions of Peruvian sands.

MAZ-SPORT auto crews headed by the team captain and silver medalist of last year’s race Sergei Vyazovich will take their spot at the starting line of the multi-day rally. G-Energy oils will be poured into sports trucks and technical support cars during the entire marathon.

Technical specialists of the mobile laboratory will collect samples to monitor assembles and working oil performance in the severe rally conditions.

Together with the MAZ-SPORT auto Team, G-Energy Team of pilot Vladimir Vasiliev and navigator Konstantin Zhiltsov will also travel to Peru to conquer the Dakar Rally. Gazpromneft-Lubricants engineers will transfer the samples of the working oil for the further analysis both to the company’s laboratory and to the independent research centers.

Vladimir Vasiliev, pilot, G-Energy Team: “Our team is prepared for a full-fledged competition. We’ve skipped two years, but with the support of the G-Energy brand we’ll be at the starting line of the Dakar Rally. We have to muster up all our strength and demonstrate a good performance on the track in Lima. We only play to win”.

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Sergei Vyazovich, head of MAZ-SPORTauto team: “The engine of a sports truck must be reliably protected. That is why we choose G-Energy oils for the fifth year running, as we’re confident in their quality. Last year we won the second place. This year we will fight for gold. The express analysis of the oil samples that is carried out daily by Gazpromneft-Lubricants mobile laboratory engineers help us to assess the condition of units and assembles to prevent any breakdown in the early stage, when malfunction or internal damage of the mechanisms have just begun.”

Roman Kuzmin, Deputy General Director for Operational Marketing: “The high quality of G-Energy oils is confirmed by the excellent results of the tests. Thus, we are confident to say that our products are ready to protect the racing cars engines in the most difficult conditions of Peruvian sands. We support our racers and wish them luck and good sports results!”