CHENNAI, Jan 6: Enthusiastic students, along with their teachers and parents, held tight their handmade bots and made their way inside the crowded auditorium of the Santhome Higher Secondary School on a Sunday morning, to be a part of the SPARC 2019 Robotics Expo and Robotics Premier League.

After being influenced by the more famous cricket and badminton leagues held in the country, the minds of SP Robotics Works, a technology training company, wanted to conduct a Robotics exclusive competitive league, involving games such as Robo Soccer, Bomb Diffuser and more.

According to Ms Sneha Priya, CEO, SP Robotics, the expo was organised to give a chance for students to understand the importance of robotics and automation.

At the expo, numerous robots made by the students of SP Robotics Works, were displayed and unveiled to the public. One of such machines was the AgriBot, designed by 15 – 17 year old children, for assisting the farmers in the process of weeding.

Weeding, or removing unwanted plants usually takes a lot of manual labour and consumes time as well. The bot offers a cost-reducing way and does the process in a shorter period of time. Development of the robot began in 2016 and soon, after researching various practices followed by China and the US, the students developed a roller with a bent edge to help remove the weeds in a farm that followed a row irrigation system.


The farmers were frequently reached for advice while the students developed the bot and the design was finalised after two months. The research and the development team of SP Robotics works oversaw the production and the assembly of the machine. From the acquisition of materials and the designs for the blades, were done only by the students.

“It is amazing that they were able to come up with real-time solutions to issues in the world,” said Chandra Kumar, Head of Product Development, SP Robotics.

Another machine created by the students was the ‘SwachhBot’. Developed by 25 students together, the SwachhBot is intended to assist in the Swachh Bharat mission started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The bot is used for cleaning the garbage in the beaches, which is done with the help of a steel rake, to pull in the waste. Even the smaller waste materials such as packets and plastic cups is collected efficiently. “We were very happy when the PMO recognised this machine and congratulated us”, said Bharat Kishore, Customer Relations Manager, SP Robotics.