February 1, 2019 – Indian Women Network (IWN), an initiative by the Confederation of Indian Industry organised the second edition of Leadership Conclave with the theme ‘Path to Extraordinary Leadership with Happiness’ in Chennai.

(L-R) Ms R S Priya, Convenor, IWN Chennai Zone & Head- Corporate Communications Blue Star Ltd AND Ms Priyamvada Balaji, Whole Time Director Lucas TVS Ltd and Vice Chairperson CII, Chennai Zone.

During the ‘CEO Speak’, which was the first session of the day, Ms Priyamvada Balaji, Whole – Time Director of Lucas TVS Ltd and Vice Chairperson, CII, Chennai Zone, addressed the vibrant gathering.

Speaking out of her own life experience, Ms Priyamvada enlightened the crowd by stating that, “Happiness is when we meet our expectations with the time available and managing it appropriately.”

She believes that setting goals and working towards them can be done best with support. Giving an own example of her philanthropic family members being her mentors, Ms Priyamvada was able to achieve her goals.

With most working women having two jobs in life, i.e., work and family, Ms Priyamvada said that,”It is finding the balance between the work and family, and wisely deploying time to get what we want.”

During the 20 years of presence in the work environment, she has seen huge changes in the amount of participation, of women, in the leadership levels in businesses. That, according to Ms Priyamvada, is mighty achievement in a vast country like India.

“Diversity in the work environment allows the business to not run according to one particular point of view, but have multiple ideas and beliefs. And, this allows both sides in the business be sensitive to one-another regarding  various issues.” she added.

She believed that everyone should have or develop the strength to accept negative feedbacks or lack acceptance. “Finding something to do, which reflects what we love and who we are, is the ultimate joy! So do what you do and accept the results,” she said.

Ms. Priyamvada also motivated the audience, by making them engage in a physical drill, where she made them stand up in a confident position and have them repeat the line, “I will achieve all my goals this year!”

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L-R: Ms Madhu Vasanthy, Director and Head, CII Tamil Nadu State Office, Ms Uma Rao, Chairperson, IWN Tamil Nadu and Vice President HR, Ashok Leyland, Ms Anuradha Sriram, Past Chairwoman, IWN Southern Region & Co-Founder & Joint Managing Director, Integra Software Services Pvt Ltd., Ms Leela Samson, Former Founder, Kalakshetra Foundation, Mr N V Balachandar, President-HR, Communication & CSR, Ashok Leyland Ltd., Dr Rajini Sriraman, Convenor, Learning & Development-IWN Tamil Nadu & General Manager – Culture & Change Leader, Pfizer Global Supply, India

She finally spoke about Lucas TVS Ltd’s achievement in having diversity in the company. She stated that one of the company’s all-women manufacturing plant, was voted as the best performing plants.

The second edition of the IWN leadership conclave also saw great speakers like Ms. Leela Samson, Former Director, Kalakshetra Foundation, Ms Anu Sriam, Past Chairwoman, IWN Sothern Region, Co-Founder & Joint Managing Director, Integra Software Services Pvt Ltd and Mr N V Balachandar, President-HR, Communication & CSR, Ashok Leyland Ltd.