Greaves Cotton, one of the leading and diversified engineering companies in India crosses new milestone of 1,000 e-rickshaw sales. With this, the company paves way for a strong foundation for promoting clean shared mobility in the last-mile transportation segment. These energy efficient & reliable product portfolio of e-rickshaws is widely preferred due to superior cost economics, higher savings-per-km of the usage, extensive aftermarket support of spares, service, charging & financing options today. Greaves has been retailing eco-friendly e-rickshaws through select network of 325+ retail outlets & is committed to get closer to the customer & equip with solutions that enhance the overall product usage experience.

E-rickshaws have been gaining prominence in short commute point-to-point transportation for shared mobility users. Also it has been a boon to the unemployed youth, cycle rickshaw pullers who find this battery operated &+ motorized version as a dependable partner to earn & grow.

Commenting on this occasion, President, Special Projects, Greaves Cotton Ltd., Mr. K. Vijayakumar, said: “We have received a favorable response from the users of e-rickshaw, a smartly engineered & rugged e-rickshaw, now accessible from select Greaves Retail outlets across the country. We have seen quick adoption of these e-rickshaws especially in East and North India owing to low TCO giving superior everyday savings & peace of mind due to huge aftermarket assurance from Greaves. With increasing need of mobility, lack of properly developed public transportation facilities, growing working population, the e-rickshaw market will further grow significantly”.

The market observations have shown that switching to e-rickshaws has reduced the physical fatigue that these manual/cycle rickshaw pullers were facing earlier and improved their quality of life. Now, these drivers are able to spend more quality time with their family and making approximately Rs. 200-300 more everyday than what they used to make earlier as it has empowered them to do more trips on a daily basis. E-rickshaws from Greaves, have truly transformed their lives by improving their earning ability. With growing e-rickshaws, there lies huge opportunity to build sustainable eco-footprint & create social inclusion that enables building India responsibly.