Iconic British motorcycle brand Triumph Motorcycles organized the 6th edition of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride also known as DGR in Delhi this year. The event saw an overall turnout of more than 200 men and women dressed in their dapper best, riding together to support the cause and increase awareness of prostate cancer and men’s mental health, along with raising funds for prostate cancer research.

Triumph is the official host of the DGR in 8 cities in India and more than 1,500 people across these cities attended the event this year. The event which was conceptualized in Australia in 2019 by Mark Hawwa has now become one of the most sought after motorcycling events in the India. Open for classic and vintage motorcycles and scooters, each year the turnout of people attending DGR surpasses the previous year, along with an increased contribution to fund raising as well.

Triumph is officially the global partner for DGR across various countries and continents since 2014. In India the first DGR was held in 2014, the same year, the brand entered the market, which also saw a turnout of 2,500 people attending the event across various cities. Year on year Triumph has added more cities to host the DGR in, being at the forefront of this noble cause. The funds raised are donated to the Movember foundation, which is the largest men’s health organization.

Riding with the troupe and speaking on the occasion, Mr. Shoeb Farooq, GM, Triumph Motorcycles India, said: “3 out of 4 suicides across the globe are by men. Men’s mental health and prostate cancer are still a taboo not just in India, but globally as well. Men to an extent are also ignorant about their health; prostate cancer is the most common and ignored cause of cancer in men, to change this ignorance, the DGR was founded to bring about a unique approach and create awareness. The entire process of following a dress code and riding in harmony with fellow bikers is quite an enthralling experience to draw attention to men’s health issues.”

“We’ve been part of it since 2014, and the turnout of people this morning shows that slowly, but surely people are opening up to discuss such taboo topics. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a wonderful initiative which has not just successfully raised awareness and funds for prostate cancer but has also strengthened the bond amongst fellow motorcyclists from the Triumph tribe and beyond.”

Dressing up for the event is an integral part of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. Various titles were up for grabs amongst two-wheeler enthusiasts. Riders who participated were awarded Most Distinguished Motorcycle, Most Distinguished Couple, Most Distinguished Gentleman, Most Distinguished Lady, Most Distinguished Moustache, Most Distinguished Beard, and highest funds donated awards as well.

At global level the focus this year was to increase the number of fundraisers and money raised for men’s health through showcasing the very personal connection riders have to the DGR in a campaign called “Ride for the people you love”.