Soon to manufacture 44,500 helmets a day, create 2000 plus employment opportunities

Steelbird Hi-Tech India, Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer, will soon enjoy a big slice of the helmet market share in the country. Considering its all time high sales which touched 6 lakhs units in September, after the implementation of the New Motor Vehicle Act, it is now gearing to boost its manufacturing capacity.

Unveiling the growth strategy, Mr. Rajeev Kapur, MD, Steelbird Hi-Tech India, said: “The company’s future growth strategy entails ramping up capacities to expanding geographical reach and new offerings”.

The company is boosting the manufacturing capacity of its state-of-art plant in Baddi in Himachal Pradesh with an investment of about Rs. 150 crores. “With a capacity to manufacture 44,500 helmets per day, we will employ 2000 plus new employees and will be selling more than 11 lakhs helmets December onwards,” added Mr. Kapur.

With the new expansion chapter, Steelbird will become the world’s biggest helmet manufacturing plant in terms of quantity & sales both.

It will help meet the growing market demand of helmets and add to the company’s growth story which is growing at 22% CAGR.

Steelbird is looking to launch various innovative helmets models for consumers across all segments. Its R&D facility is working on product developments which will cover the entire business spectrum and the consumer’s needs and aspirations. The company is hoping to cross Rs. 1,000 crores turnover from helmet business by 2020-21.

“The time is extremely favorable as the industry has a lot of support from the government. The policy makers are doing their best to ensure the road safety of the citizens. Road safety has become a very important concern in our country because so many fatalities are occurring and the government is putting a lot of efforts to save human lives”, concluded Mr. Rajeev Kapur.

Manufacturing helmet is not a simple & easy task as huge investments are needed as it is a voluminous product. Moreover, helmet is a technology as well as a labour oriented product. And brands like us need to make this much needed move to fill in the gap. Furthermore this move is in sync with the government’s effort to save lives.

The expansion of the state-of-art plant in Baddi will further boost the company’s presence worldwide. With an investment of over Rs. 150 crores, the Baddi plant will be equipped with the sector’s latest technology. It will help company to expand its product portfolio and add more models to the existing one. Also, it plans to cover entire spectrum of customer from low to premium.