Kush Maini drove a brilliant race 1 starting P6 on the grid to bring home the Rookie Win in his first-ever night Race at Abu Dhabi on October 25 with an overall P6 position.

Starting P6 kush managed to get ahead of Sebastian at the start and into the first corner. Kush managed to keep P5 position for several laps before having to move back to P6 ahead of all the Rookies. From then on he kept a steady Pace to complete the race ahead of Patrik Pasma and Caio Collet.

Kush was happy about the Rookie win and commented: “It was nice to have a Rookie Win under the lights here in Abu Dhabi. There is such a big difference in temperatures which makes the event very interesting.”

Kush finished the season 2nd in the Rookie championship and 6th in the overall championship with 102 points.