At the EUnited Robotics members’ assembly in Brussels on October 18, 2019, Wilfried Eberhardt, Chief Marketing Officer, KUKA AG, was elected as new Chairman of EUnited Robotics for the period 2019-2022. Wilfried Eberhardt succeeds Walter Zulauf, Director of Technology, Güdel Group AG, whose three-year term had ended. Walter Zulauf will continue his contributions to the board and was elected as Vice Chairman.

Prof. Dr. Markus Glück, Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) at SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG, an active member of EUnited Robotics, was also elected as Vice Chairman. The Board of EUnited Robotics consists of one Chair and two Vice Chairs.

From left, Walter Zulauf, Patrick Schwarzkopf (Director of EUnited Robotics), Wilfried Eberhardt, and Prof. Markus Glück

Prior to his new role as Chairman, Wilfried Eberhardt was serving as Vice Chairman on the EUnited Robotics Board. He had also served as President of the Board of EUnited AISBL (umbrella organization) in the past.

“Public advocacy is becoming more and more relevant for the European robotics industry. Together with my colleagues on the EUnited Robotics Board, I am delighted to work proactively toward debunking the misconceptions about robotics and showing how this inspiring technology can provide economic progress and societal well-being,” said Eberhardt after the election.