Zoomcar, the largest electric shared mobility fleet in the country has over 500 EV’s on the road making it the largest electric shared mobility fleet

Zoomcar, India’s leading self-drive mobility platform, announced its fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) completing over 1 crore kms in the last quarter. Today, Zoomcar already has over 500 EVs on the road making it the largest electric shared mobility fleet in the country with plans to add another 1,000 cars within the next year and 10,000 cars by 2021.

Most of us are wary of buying electric vehicles (EVs) because we don’t understand how the car works or the technology behind the vehicles. That’s where the self-drive rental platform Zoomcar comes in, aiming to make the future of mobility more connected, shared and powered by zero-emission technologies. Electric Vehicles can dramatically reduce carbon pollution from transportation and improve air quality. Even if EVs were charged with 100% coal power, the overall pollution levels would still reduce by close to 25%. The emission from 1 car to an Electric Vehicle is in the ratio of 18:1, India can cumulatively save up to 1.5 gigatonnes of CO2 through 2035 if sharing and vehicle electrification is promoted. Carbon emissions generated by non-electric vehicles for 1 crore kms would have required around 68,000 trees to offset them. In addition to the environment benefits Electric Vehicles offer a dramatically lower operating cost compared to conventional internal combustion engines. On an average, electric vehicles are 75-80% cheaper from a fuelling and maintenance perspective making intra-city travel convenient.

Lauding the measures taken by the Delhi Government with the odd even scheme, Zoomcar believes that there are many other benefits associated with green transportation which will enhance healthier lifestyle and improve quality of human life. Zoomcar completely supports and complies with the Government’s strategy for change towards a clean future and is even in active discussions with several governments across cities to implement the odd even scheme.

“Over the past seven years, we have been transforming urban mobility across emerging economies,” said Greg Moran, CEO and Co-Founder, Zoomcar. “We are thrilled to bring innovative, green mobility solutions to the people and our recent milestone of covering over 1 crore kms in the last quarter is testament to our endeavour in promoting a clean environment. At Zoomcar, we have always empowered our customers with better mobility alternatives and will continue doing so at scale with new announcements on several additional EV offerings in the coming months”.