Established with a determination to start a global revolution in the industry of commercially used electric vehicles, Prakriti E-Mobility Private Ltd., a start-up based out of New Delhi, co-founded by Mr. Nimish Trivedi, Mr. Vikas Bansal and Mr. Rajeev Tiwari is coming up with a fleet of 100% Electric Vehicle (EV) cabs in Delhi-NCR. The App-based EV Cab services called ‘EVERA’ will be launched across NCR region in the month of December 2019. Focussed on offering clean, affordable, and comfortable rides to consumers, EVERA will be offering one-of its kind services in the city. In its first phase, Prakriti plans to introduce 500 EVs on the EVERA Platform with a plan to scale it up to 5,000 EVs within two years. Prakriti will be partnering with EV manufacturers to offer a brand-new fleet of EVs to its customers with the highest driving range in the segment.

“With the air pollution levels being hazardous in Delhi / NCR and becoming worse each year, there was a need towards a sustainable alternative for the future mobility in India. This was the fundamental thought which gave birth to the concept of EVERA. We wanted to provide customers with a delightful service and give them an opportunity to contribute to the cause of cleaner air as well. EVERA as a service is not only focussed on getting customers from point A to point B but will also contribute towards the greater good of the planet,” said Mr. Nimish Trivedi, Co-Founder and CEO, Prakriti E-Mobility Private Ltd.

Prakriti’s app-based service will have a fleet of ‘TRAINED AND PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS’ provided by India’s top fleet management companies; ‘ZERO SURGE PRICING’, which means customers can book cabs without worrying about the hike in the price; ‘ZERO CANCELLATIONS’ in which only the customers will have the ability to cancel the ride; ‘ZERO ODOUR’, which means that all the EVs will be properly maintained and will have similar fragrance; and ‘ZERO EMISSIONS’ which means there will be no toxic fumes coming out of the exhaust pipes.

“To ensure that our customer enjoys the experience of riding with us, it is one of our utmost priority that our drivers goes through multiple trainings exercises to enhance their behavioural and driving skillsets. The App-based EV Cab services is one of a kind to enter the market in India. From surge charge to emissions of toxic gases, EVERA is the answer to all the complaints that regular riders face in our country,” added Mr. Trivedi.

One of the biggest challenges that the EV sector is facing is regarding the development of charging infrastructure. Prakriti is already in key partnership discussions for setting up their own charging infrastructure, thereby reducing the dependency on existing infrastructure & chargers available across National Capital Region.