Mr. Om Prakash Sahgal, Director, InORBIT Tours Pvt. Ltd., has been honoured with 2 international Awards, namely, Israel Ministry of Tourism for his outstanding contribution in the promotion of Israel for Indian visitors, and Lifetime Achievement Award by MICE Affairs at the international conference held at New Delhi.

The Israel Ministry of Tourism honoured Mr. Om Prakash for his dedication and pioneering leadership to promote Israel for Indian visitors since 1993. Mr. Om Prakash had led the first Indian group of 350 members to Israel in 1993. At that time there was no flight connectivity between India & Israel. This first group included Agriculture Ministers of many Indian States and a senior level Central Government delegation organised by the then Agriculture Minister of India, Mr. Balram Jakhar. The Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Shimon appreciated Mr. Om Prakash’s efforts and congratulated him.

The Consul General of Israel, Mr. Ya’akov Finkelstein, and Mr. Sammy Yahia, Director, Israel Ministry of Tourism, India & Philippines, felicitated Mr. Om Prakash at the meeting held in Mumbai among the distinguished gathering of Israel delegation, prominent travel fraternity and leading corporates.

Lifetime Achievement Award was presented by Mr. Vijay Kumar, Director – MSME DI, Government of India, and Mr. G.S. Kular, President of Federation of Industrial and Commercial Organisations on behalf of MICE Affairs at the International Conference held in New Delhi.

Other Awards

He was awarded with the prestigious award “The Wall of Legends” by Mr. Pervez Dewan, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. He was also presented “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Exhibitions & Events Industry in 2009 and “Most Influential Person in Travel Industry Award” by NDTV. He has a long list of many more Awards to his credit from the US, China, Thailand, and more. Mr. Om Prakash was interviewed on German TV, BBC London, Voice of America and Doordarshan of India.

He is one of the founders of Laughter Club International and had the credit to demonstrate Laughter Yoga in the State Assembly of Victoria in Australia.

A veteran in travel industry, Mr. Om Prakash was elected as Chairman, Travel Agents Association of India (WR), for 3 years.

For more information, contact: Mr. Om Prakash Sahgal, Director, InORBIT Tours Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai – 400 025. Tel: 022-24229281 or 022-40436868 or E-mail: