All Steelbird helmets will conform to IS:9973 norms

Steelbird is the first helmet company in India to be granted ISI license for making visors for helmets. With immediate effect all the visors used in the Steelbird Helmets will be ISI certified.

Commenting on the recent development, Mr. Rajeev Kapur, MD, Steelbird, said: “Just the way, there are two kinds of helmets, ISI and Non ISI, the same is the case with the visors. As per IS:9973 Steelbird will be not manufacturing Non ISI visors going forward.

“A helmet visor is an essential component which offers a clear on-road visibility, but usually in low quality helmets, the visors gets scratches during regular use, leading to visibility hindrance. Thus, Steelbird offers Polycarbonate visors with anti-scratch coating which are more durable and offer greater protection”, adds Mr. Kapur.

Devoted to research, development and manufacturing of products that meet the safety concerns of the riders, Steelbird has already made a move in this direction. The audit has been conducted on our products and Steelbird is now certified to make helmets and visors both under the ISI certifications.

The Government and the Ministry are doing a lot of work towards road safety. Road safety has become a very important concern in our country because so many fatalities are occurring and the government is putting a lot of efforts to save human lives. At Steelbird the main objective is to offer helmets which take safety to the next level.