ELGi Equipments celebrated the 2nd edition of the “State of the Future Art” themed Technology Day in Coimbatore. The event saw participation from 200+ employees, the academia, students from over 20 engineering colleges across India and industry thought leaders. This year, the Global Technology Centre reflected on ELGi’s energy efficient and sustainable compressed air products that have debuted globally over the last one year, while gazing towards the exciting future.

State of the Future Art at Technology Day

Speaking at the event, Dr. Jairam Varadaraj, Managing Director, Elgi Equipments, said: “At ELGi, we place a great deal of importance on building compressed air solutions that help organizations lower energy consumption and operating costs, while achieving their productivity goals. Today, global climate change is an alarming reality and we’re striving to make a difference by ensuring organizations reduce both energy dependence and emissions, resulting in minimal impact to the environment. The “State of the Future Art” is an ELGi signature initiative aimed at identifying and developing advanced technology while nurturing innovation. With this objective we’re delighted to have created a platform that not just brings students, the academia, industry thought leaders and our employees together, but encourages active ideation and game-changing creativity with a view to developing products for the future.”

Technology Day 2019

On display at the 2nd edition of Technology Day were engineering advances in product development presented by the ELGi Global Technology Centre. Keynote speakers, Prof. S. Rajasekaran, Chairman, Department of Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore, responsible for revolutionizing the field of medicine through innovation, and Dr. Robert Ian Taylor, Technology Manager, Shell Global Solutions, a pioneer in future technology scouting and lubricants discovery, addressed the audience, highlighting how innovation paves the way for an organizations’ performance and success.

ELGi team at Technology Day 2019

In line with ELGi’s focus on futuristic innovation, a companywide technology ideation contest was rolled out globally, earlier this year. The same has witnessed overwhelming participation from employees across the globe, paving the way for developing compressed air solutions that are both energy efficient and sustainability enabling. Engineering students from over 20 colleges were invited to author papers on “Energy efficiency and creating a greener environment”. ELGi employees have been working on similar paper presentations for the past few months. The winners were felicitated at the event.