To create innovative offerings towards increased financial security

Procam International, pioneers of distance running events in India, announced its partnership with Franklin Templeton, one of India’s largest fund houses, as Investment Partner for all their four world-class running events. The association is slated to start with Tata Mumbai Marathon on January 19, 2020.

Franklin Templeton aims to use a digital first approach to engage the runner community, with innovative offerings towards increased financial security.

Today, running is the fastest growing participative sport in India. Procam running events have played a pivotal role in this transformation – from starting a health & fitness revolution that spawned over 1400 races in the country, to creating a springboard for Indian long- and middle-distance runners. Re-enforcing bonds with civil society, these events have become a beacon of humanity and compassion.

The road has been a great leveler and distance running has transcended boundaries to become a Sport for All – beyond politics, religion, race, colour and gender.

Franklin Templeton believes that investing is not a 100-meter dash, but a marathon. There are many similarities in skill, character and attitude between a successful marathon runner and a successful investor. When one speaks about a marathon runner, the quality that repeatedly finds mention is physical stamina and when it comes to investing as well, it’s about the mental and emotional stamina that is needed to navigate the ups and downs of the market.

Franklin Templeton released a campaign called the “Marathon of Life” that helps the viewer draw inspiration from nine real life stories of marathon runners. It highlights important traits like being resilient, stepping up, having a goal, starting early, taking risk, diversifying efforts, power of compounding, importance of a guide and the importance of starting the journey anytime irrespective of your age. These resonate with principles of successful long-term investing.

Mr. Sanjay Sapre, President, Franklin Templeton – India, on the association, said: “The growing focus on fitness, health and wellness is evident and certainly a step in the right direction. It is equally important for people to focus on their financial health and wellness. Our partnership with Procam as an ‘Investment Partner’ is an ideal match, as we find a lot of common ground between long distance running and investing. This includes many aspects like coaching, discipline, resilience, and the ability to master one’s emotions. We encourage investors to participate and excel in their own Marathon of Life.”

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Anil Singh, Managing Director, Procam International, said: “The support of our sponsors has been instrumental in the accelerated growth and success of distance running. We have always believed in cementing long-term partnerships, beyond return on investment. It is our pleasure to welcome aboard the globally renowned Franklin Templeton as our Investment Partner starting from TMM 2020. Franklin Templeton draws a synonymous co-relation with running marathons, life and investments. We are privileged with this visionary approach and as partners, we look forward to providing runners across the globe a new experience.”

The partnership is set to kick off through one of the Franklin Templeton’s key campaign for all TMM 2020 – My Journey Video. It captures a runner’s performance across the duration of the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020 and highlights key statistics of their pace, and split timings.

Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020 is scheduled to take place on 19th January 2020 and the 17th edition is expected to witness over 50,000 participants on the streets of Maximum city.