Steelbird Group of Industries announced association with Axis Bank to sell FASTag on Flipkart. FASTags will be sold by ShoponSteelbird on Flipkart. FASTag is generally priced at INR 500 which includes INR 100 as tag cost, INR 200 as one-time security deposit and INR 200 as One Time Wallet Top Up on activation. FASTag is currently launched on Flipkart at a price of INR 399 making tag cost free as Limited Time Launch Offer.

Customers can avail cash-back offer of 2.5% on every NHAI toll payments using this FASTag for the FY19-20. An existing Axis Bank account is not mandatory to buy or use this Axis Bank FASTag. FASTag purchased by the customers will be activated post KYC process.

Mr. Rajeev Kapur, MD, Steelbird, said: “ShoponSteelbird Yooshopper is committed to providing FASTags and completing the KYC process, making it easier for the customers to quickly get hold of the FASTag and avoid penalties. Currently there are approximately 3.5 crore vehicles plying on the Indian roads out of which merely twenty lakh vehicles have started using the FASTag. Hence, collaboration with Flipkart will make process faster and smoother”.

Further commenting on making the adoption of Fast Tags faster, Mr. Kapur added: “Currently there are approximately 350 crore vehicles plying on the Indian road of which merely twenty lakh vehicles have started using the Fast Tags. Hence with our collaboration and giving fast tags at a discounted price we want to make the process of adoption of Fast Tags faster and smoother.”