Sees a 30% increase in paid Service Providers, India’s leading AI-enabled platform for expert services, has successfully migrated 100% of its paid Service Providers from its platform to a dedicated Business app (the company has a separate app for its consumers). has 50,000+ paid service providers and 120,000+ registered service providers; all the paid service providers have been moved to the business app.

As a result of all the paid service providers moving onto Sulekha’s business app, there has been a surge in the number of paid service providers on Sulekha; a 30% increase has been seen in CY 2019. Sulekha has increased the strength of its back-end team to facilitate a smooth transition and support for the service providers on the app. The team members are mostly a part of functions such as sales, customer service and product-technology.

Sulekha’s business app provides several advantages to the Service Providers.

Some advantages and key features of the App:

Campaign management and Self-service: Service Providers can now fully manage their Sulekha campaign/account from their app without having to speak with any customer support executive. They can decide the volume and size of the business leads they want depending on their business capacity and bandwidth at any given time. They can also manage their profile page which includes contacts, photos, videos and credentials.

Easy management: Superior management of Sulekha leads by Service providers with easy and on-the-go chats, calls, quotes and appointments management.

Increased Return on Investment (ROI): Due to the feedback system, the service providers can give feedback and receive insights that can help in improving their lead conversion.

Payments and renewal made easy: The Service Providers can choose Sulekha campaign packages and opt for a range of payment options, from the app.

Since Sulekha moved all its service providers to the app, there has been a significant increase in the conversion rate of service requests. This can also be attributed to the rising smartphone penetration and the greater uptake for business apps in the metros as well as Tier II and Tier III cities, amongst smaller businesses. 98% of paid Service Providers in metros are using the app in comparison with 93% in smaller cities.

Sulekha is investing further efforts to make the app go regional for several key aspects and this will increase its usage even further.

Speaking about the service providers going digital, Satya Prabhakar, CEO, Sulekha, said: “This move is in alignment with Sulekha’s core philosophy of helping small businesses grow. We believe that ‘Digitally engaged’ service providers are more likely to convert service requests. The app is effective as it helps in business service mapping and the Service Providers have the power to manage their campaigns with the app. It’s interesting to note the tremendous adoption seen in Tier II and Tier III cities. Sulekha’s service providers are adapting well to the digital world and are also utilizing the Sulekha Business app to grow their business effectively.”

Ramesh, Freezing Cool Services, a Sulekha Business app user, said in his feedback: “I have been using Sulekha for growing my business and Sulekha’s app is a huge innovation. It is not just an app, but an intelligent lead management and Customer Relationship Management tool. It saves me a lot of time and effort as I can manage my own campaign but also receive and do my payments digitally within the app. The app delivers on the five values Sulekha uniquely offers to SMEs: affordable, accountable, actionable, flexible and simple.”