Creates EV Mentorship Model for Future of Mobility

Ampere, a wholly-owned electric mobility subsidiary of Greaves Cotton Ltd. (GCL), has announced an incubation partnership with RV College of Engineering (RVCE), one of India’s leading engineering colleges, for creating an EV Mentorship Model for Future of Mobility.

This tie-up has been institutionalized as an EV mentorship model where in select students from the college will be inducted into Greaves Cotton Ltd.

Commenting on the partnership, Nagesh Basavanhalli, MD and CEO, Greaves Cotton Ltd., said: “Electric mobility is an emerging sector and one with the potential to alter how India commutes. We have seen over the years that transformational changes are built over the foundations of innovation and academic linkages. Our partnership with RV College of Engineering and setting up of Centre of Excellence for Electric Mobility aims to provide a robust platform for academia and industry to interact, innovate and co-create newer technologies for the EV industry, all made in India.”

Dr. M.P. Shyam, Trustee, RSST, said: “This is a welcome collaboration between a highly rated academic institution and a leading industry player to transform an emerging sector such as EV with scope for constant innovation and product development. We are focused on creating an industry-relevant curriculum in a fast-evolving ecosystem, this partnership with Greaves is a significant step in this direction.”

The partnership is a significant step forward for the nascent EV industry in India since RVCE has a sophisticated “Semi Anechoic” chamber which can be used for initial EMI/EMC testing at subsystem and 2-wheeler levels. It is going to benefit both Industry and Academia. RVCE advanced lab has material testing facilities and material research scope for battery life enhancement.

Through this partnership, a joint advanced research will be carried out to develop Next Generation Controller, Battery Thermal Management (GCL IP project), Embedded Design for Connected vehicles and application development for Electric Mobility.

Academic institutes are showing immense interest in the emerging Electric Vehicle (EV) technology with students participating, volunteering in concept projects relating to the Electric Vehicles. The EV Industry is an aspirational destination for employment in Future. EV hubs like Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Delhi are seeing an upsurge in college students taking Internship projects with EV companies with Bangalore leading the way.