A prominent highlight at the event was the preview of an electric scooter technology prototype, developed by DEP

DEP MeshWorks 2020, a CAE driven platform for rapid concept CAE and CAD model generation, meshing, morphing and processing, announced the release of its advanced version, MeshWorks 2020 with enhanced technology and modules that transform the product development. The appended modules enable CAE to take the lead role in the product development process with its unique combination of pre and post-processing capabilities.

A key highlight of the event was the preview of the e-scooter technology demonstrator, through which DEP showcased its electric vehicle capabilities. The final technology prototype has undergone extensive on-road testing, and will be displayed in the upcoming Auto Show India in February 2020. The body of the e-scooter was reverse engineered from an existing model and has been given a styling, engineered design which is optimized to give the lowest drag. It has been converted from a conventional vehicle to an electric one, and brags of several advanced capabilities developed by the team such as optimized vehicle dynamics, removable batteries, extended range, and improved battery pack.

Speaking about the launch of MeshWorks 2020, Radha Krishnan, Founder & President, said: “DEP will strive to ensure MeshWorks 2020 remains the industry standard for CAE that works towards Light weighting, Optimization, Morphing, Automated Meshing, Fast Modeling, and Process Automation. With this advanced launch we plan to drastically bring down go to market gestation period and bring up profitability. Engineers will benefit from the new functionality.”

Some of the features of MeshWorks include enhanced auto parametrization capability, a patented technology whereby a baseline CAE model created in MeshWorks is automatically a parametric model, saving the time and effort of parameterization typically done separately. The latest version empowers the user to make rapid design changes in CAD, has enhanced pre and post processing capabilities, and improved process automation modules.

Some highlights of the tool in lieu of MeshWorks 2020:

CAE Morphing tools
Reduces Finite Element (FE) & Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model building time by 50% to 80%

Parametric CAE technology
Rapidly converts FE & CFD models to intelligent parametric CAE models, enabling fast design iterations & Design Of Experiment (DOE) studies
Most comprehensive parametrization engine addressing several categories of parameters such as shape, gage, material, spot welds, seam welds, adhesives, design features, etc.

Design Optimization
Enables Multi-Disciplinary Optimization to meet design targets, minimize product weight and minimize manufacturing cost using parametric CAE models
Enables non-parametric topology optimization through rapid design space creation and concept model generation using the topology results.

CAD-Morpher Technology
Generates morphed CAD models representing optimized designs very rapidly and forms the main link between CAE & Design teams.

Design Enablers
Enables rapid creation of finite element features such as ribs, holes, slots, reinforcements, bulk-heads, beads, darts, part-extensions/contractions, laser welded blanks, etc., directly on FE/CFD models without the need for CAD.

Complete pre processor & post processor
Comprehensive FE/CFD pre & post processor with powerful tools for CAD clean-up, meshing (shell, tetra, hexa, hybrid etc.), highly automated model assembly and results processing.
Complex FE/CFD models can be generated 30% faster and with better quality than other competitors’ products.

Customized Engineering Process Automation
Customer CAE processes can be rapidly automated using a fast Record>Create-GUI>Plumb>Publish process
2X to 10X time reduction can be expected for processes that are repeatable.

Concept Modeler tools
Concept FE members such as tubular components, automotive body structure members, joints, etc., can be rapidly generated.