Biggest electric vehicle brand in India, Hero Electric announced its exciting online sales scheme on its entire range (excluding Flash lead-acid low speed model). The scheme is limited to all online bookings made starting from April 17 till May 15, 2020. The booking amount is fixed at INR 2,999, irrespective of the model, which is non-refundable except if the national lockdown extends beyond June. Customers can take delivery of vehicles any time after the lockdown opens and up to June end.

All customers who book any Hero Electric scooter would avail an instant cash discount of INR 5,000 while customers of Glyde and e-Cycle would get a cash discount of INR 3,000. In addition to this, cash benefit of INR 1,000 will be offered to existing customers for reference purchase. This scheme in only available for bookings made online. The current portfolio of Electric scooters from Hero Electric includes Flash, Nyx, Optima, Photon, Flash, Dash and also the ER (Extended Range) variants along with Glyde and E-Cycle, which are also powered by high quality lithium-ion batteries.

In the current scenario, while people maintain social distancing, the environment is slowly healing itself. The most significant change that India has seen in the environment is the improvement in air quality due to less dust and air pollution. In its endeavor of making the country greener with ‘Zero Pollution’ transportation, Hero Electric saw this opportunity to further urge people to switch to electric mobility to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment. Hero Electric as a brand that promotes eco-mobility and environment conservation wants to keep this trend alive. This special scheme comes from the brand is introduced to encourage people to adopt eco-friendly mobility options to keep the nature healthy.

Talking about the offer, Mr. Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric, said: “Covid’s unfortunate crisis has revealed how quickly a microscopic virus can play havoc with the life and health of citizens whose lungs are already compromised due to air pollution. The few days of absence of polluting vehicles have also had a pleasing effect of clearer sky and nature bouncing back with rare birds chirping. I strongly believe that customers are now tending to switch to cleaner transportation, and we are adding a little sweetener through the “Online” offer to gently nudge them to do so. As pioneers of electric mobility in India, our mission is “No Emission” transportation and this exclusive scheme echoes our decision to keep our mother nature clean and green.”

Hero Electric has a customer base of 2.5 lakhs and will continue to innovate in this space and lead electric mobility in the country. The company is doubling its capacity and is planning to take its current 600 touchpoints to 800 by end of 2020 and make the brand accessible even in the most interior parts of the country. The company has aggressive investment plans in the next three years to ramp up production capacity of its electric scooters to 5 lakh units annually, with a focus on low-speed scooters for last mile connectivity. Furthermore, the brand has also tied up with leading financial institutions to offer customers attractive financing options and flexible payment period and to give empowering its to better manage their cash flows and in turn sell more electric vehicles.

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