MyTVS, India’s leading multi-brand car service provider, announced the launch of ‘Express Sanitization Service’ for all brands of cars at its MyTVS outlets across Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Trivandrum, Cochin, Coimbatore, Madurai and Kollam. With the nation is on the verge of completing lockdown 4.0 and the workforce is beginning to move back to work, hygiene is utmost important. For ensuring safer travel, MyTVS is offering the sanitization services at its outlets for all models of cars. On request, the service can also be extended to customers at their doorsteps.

What is vehicle sanitization?

Sanitizing the vehicle means the vehicle will be cleaned and disinfected from any kind of germs and viruses. The spray based proven disinfectant is used and safe on car interior to remove stains, smudges and residues, besides it kills bacteria and viruses. MyTVS offers a variety of Sanitization products from basic Car Wash and Interior Cleaning to Alcohol Spray-Based Sanitization, A/C Disinfection, Fumigation and Fogging. The most basic product uses a Spray-Based Car Sanitization product for sanitizing the car. It is a 15-minute process that kills 99% of the bacteria and germs in the vehicle without leaving a sticky residue.

MyTVS will be offering this service at a highly attractive rate for the benefit of vehicle owners during this COVID-19 pandemic situation. The express sanitization service is priced at Rs. 249 for hatchbacks, Rs. 299 for sedans and Rs. 349 for SUV and luxury cars.

Why do we need to sanitize our vehicles?

A car is made up of several types of materials like hard plastics, metals, leather, rubber, linen, wood and glass, which are perfect breeding grounds for viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms. Some strong contagious viruses can stay active for up to 2-3 days on the seats or doors. Therefore, it is advisable to get your vehicles sanitized comprehensively with the help of an expert support once every week or ten days.

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