After half a year of overcast on the advertising horizon, it appears that God of Cricket has finally smiled upon us. After mulling over it for six months, BCCI finally gave a nod to IPL 2020 to be hosted in UAE in September. The first question that often comes in mind is: what does it mean to us as advertisers? On one hand, there could not have been a more opportune time for IPL 2020 to happen. Reasons:

  • Cricket enjoys a supreme status in our country– IPL 2020 would undoubtedly bring hope and optimism to an otherwise gloomy year.
  • The coinciding of IPL 2020 with the festive season– it’s that time of the year when majority spends happen.

However, another question arises, what about the spiraling effect of COVID-19 induced slowdown? While most companies are struggling hard to cut costs and push sales at the same time, does IPL 2020 sound like an investment or an extravaganza? These are few questions we have been grappling with. While over the course of the next two months, we would focus on the topic and bring more articles, this issue is dedicated to knowing more about the most popular IPL advertising medium: Hotstar Advertising.

We have a detailed article on IPL 2020 advertising on Hotstar platform that talks about the whats and whys of IPL advertising on Hotstar. There’s also a brief video on the same. If you are still wondering, how much it would cost you to advertise in IPL 2020 on Hotstar, we have a simple calculator for you too. You just need to select a few inputs to get a suggested IPL advertising budget.

For IPL fans, we have created a quiz based on IPL specific campaigns and associations in the past few years.

As a continuation of our endeavor to understand Television advertising better, our next article talks about media planning process for television advertising based on historical data of TV viewership.