(EasyBreathe) (Easybreathe Water Repellent Face Mask)

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Product ID: 5116877-82061380418

Country Of Origin: India

Local Content (MII): 100%

Sold by: OEM

Size (L x W): 7″x 5″

Color: Blue

Fine Fabric material of different layers: Cotton & Polyester blend

Number of layers of fabric: 2

Construction: Plain

Fastening: Soft stretch elastic ear loops

Adjustable flexible Nose clip: without


Product DescriptionReusable/Washable Cloth Face Mask
PurposeTo protect the wearer from virus and to slow down the spread of viruses by the wearer to others in general public where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in the areas of significant community-based transmission may happen or for other personal preferences, viz., anti dust and preventing moisture, etc.
Washable and reusableYes


Size (L x W)7″ x 5″
Cloth fabricPlain
Fine Fabric material of different layersCotton & Polyester blend
Non-irritant, anti-allergenic and skin friendlyYes
Breathable without restriction and environment friendlyYes
Number of layers of fabric2
GSM of the fabric (g/m2)50 to 150
FasteningSoft stretch elastic ear loops
Fits snugly but comfortably against the side of the faceYes
Adjustable flexible Nose clipwithout
Filter pocketwithout
Blows out a candle or lighter while wearing the maskNo
Manufacturer facility certificationsISO 9001 (latest)


Type of packingPacked in moisture proof cover


Agree to provide advance sample of the product for buyer’s approval before commencement of supply in case of bidding

Easy Breathe Facemask developed by NIT Jalandhar is available online: https://www.bikayi.com/easybreathe Also available on GeM: https://mkp.gem.gov.in/reusable-washable-cloth-face-mask/easybreathe-community-face-mask/p-5116877-82061380418-cat.html#variant_id=5116877-82061380418