Agile professionals, powered by a new curve in education and skilling, alongside MSME, will drive India’s growth story out of the current financial crisis, predicted the new leadership for the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC).
“The world is changing drastically. While we’re conscious of the global efforts from medical professionals and the political administration, in attempting to ‘flatten the curve’, there is another curve that’s changing shape too”, said S. Purnachandra Rao, the new National President for IACC.
This new curve involved skilling – the very education and industry-readiness we need in our workforce. “The patterns of education and skilling are evolving to make professionals more agile and skills fungible. These new patterns will ensure that businesses can be more dynamic in adapting to new opportunities and challenges”, he added.
Rao said that these new patterns would drive businesses, especially MSME, to gain further ground and move forward. And IACC will be there to shepherd them along.
“IACC is plunging headlong into sensing opportunities, advocating changes in the corridors of power and bringing solutions to our members, who are mainly MSME. And it is the MSME that’s going to drive the growth in the trade and investments between USA & India.”
Purnachandra Rao took over the helm of National President for IACC on September 30. He will focus the Chambers’ efforts towards business tie-ups and collaborations between MSMEs in the two nations.
Rao also serves as the Chief Executive Officer for InfoVision21, an Ohio-based IT-ITES initiative and Managing Director for the Global Infovision Private Ltd., based in Hyderabad, India.