• Planned and unplanned car servicing for Indian highways and rural roads through the mobile app

Highways are the lifeline of our country, with millions of tonnes of produce and millions of people travelling on in at any given time. And it is a desperate situation, if your vehicle breaks down and you have nowhere to go. The answer to the age old question of where will we get a mechanic or a garage especially during the dead of the night lies with “AUTO i CARE”, a specially curated mobile app for road travelers.

Founded by Mumbai-based automobile whizz Sagar Joshi, AUTO i CARE mobile app is aimed at providing quick and efficient repair service on Indian National highways, State Highways and rural roads. During the COVID 19 lockdown, AUTO i CARE has provided assistance to over 8,000 motor vehicles to reach their destination safely by helping with repairs and other services on the highways. In a short time, AUTO i CARE has spread it wings from Dombivali which is a distant suburb outside Mumbai to cover 2,28,000 kms on 238 highways and reaching out to nearly 998 cities and towns in India.

AUTO i CARE being an aggregator of local garages and mechanics, it has been able to reach out to distant areas of the country during lockdown. Essential service vehicles have been the main beneficiaries of AUTO i CARE services which enabled them to keep their wheels turning and helping the ones in need. Sagar Joshi shares: “Around 48,000 garages are registered on The AUTO i CARE app providing assistance at a very short notice. During this lockdown, team AUTO i CARE has successfully repaired over 8,000 vehicles across the country which included essential services, private vehicles and heavy vehicles. The latest features in the app include finding nearest Petrol Pump to nearest charging station for your electric vehicle to nearest pay and park facility to finding driver. Our core team has worked hard to ensure assistance was provided promptly during COVID times.”

AUTO i CARE app provides real-time tracking of the inbound support vehicle – similar to popular ride-hailing apps – with an estimated time of arrival, automated SMS status updates, and tow driver contact information. Idea is to attend car issues in just 4 clicks on the mobile app and available at quite a reasonable cost.

While sharing data of breakdowns in COVID times Sagar further added: “We received breakdown calls from far flung areas like Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir where we successfully handled over 100 requests, highest number of calls handled were from Mumbai and Goa with over 3,000 fulfilled, Telangana saw 502, Kerala numbers were at 386, Uttar Pradesh at 182, West Bengal was at 440 successful cases handled. It is heartening to see that AUTO i CARE is slowly turning into a trustworthy partner for the weary road travelers. Soon we are launching our dedicated services for bikes and heavy vehicles as well. ”

The extremely user friendly AUTO i CARE mobile app helps the customers with their planned car servicing as well as unplanned car servicing feature. Planned car servicing is the annual servicing for your car and unplanned car servicing entails requesting roadside support anytime for a breakdown on highways for common issues like tire replacement, jump-start, low fuel, or vehicle unlock, as well as major repairs to the vehicles or to have it towed to a local garage or mechanic.

AUTO i CARE, tie-up with local mechanics and vendors from across the country, created employment opportunities and boosted Government of India’s #vocalforlocal initiative. AUTO i CARE is soon planning to start their standalone AUTO i CARE service centers. AUTO i CARE services can also be availed for bikers in Mumbai and Pune and very soon will also cater to heavy vehicles. AUTO I CARE utilities consist of equipped workshops, expert workmanship, free pickup & drop, authentic spares and service warranty.