Uber has expanded its Uber for Business product offering by launching two new commute specific services for helping businesses support their employees’ daily commute, thereby making the back-to-the-workplace transition as seamless and convenient as possible.

Uber’s new commute options, where organisations can create dedicated transport programs for employees and clients include:

Employee Group Rides which will enable employees from the same organisation to book rides together to travel to work.
Business Charter where companies can reserve a dedicated fleet of vehicles provided by third party fleet partners for their employees and customers.

Commenting on the new product offerings, Arjun Nohwar, Director, Uber for Business, APAC, said: “Uber is committed to building innovative solutions which meet the needs of businesses in the ‘new normal.’ By leveraging technology and adapting our platform to meet the evolving needs of businesses we want to support millions of Indians returning to their workplaces. As our cities begin to open, our new commute services will equip corporations to offer their employees and customers convenient and cost-efficient solutions.’’

During the pandemic, Uber for Business’ flexible product offerings were utilized by leading business and healthcare institutions across the country to manage their staff and employee commutes. Uber Medic ensured institutions could customize daily commuting programs for essential workers so they could travel with ease and comfort, especially when public transport options were limited. One such example was QualityKiosk Technologies, which used Uber for Business to help support their essential workers program in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai by setting up a customized commuting program to facilitate employee travel to and from work with comfort.

Safety remains a top priority and over the last few months, Uber has made substantial investments to procure safety supplies for drivers and implemented innovative technology-driven solutions to help riders and drivers feel safer while on a trip. These include a comprehensive set of safety measures, such as the Go Online Checklist, a mandatory mask policy for both riders and drivers, pre-trip mask verification selfies for drivers and mandatory driver education on safety SOPs. 

Additionally, all vehicles on the Uber for Business platform will be fitted with floor-to-ceiling safety screens or safety ‘cockpits’ enclosing the driver, thereby limiting contact with the rider. Uber has also distributed safety kits to drivers consisting of masks, sanitizers, gloves and disinfectants to sanitize the cars between rides.

As businesses reopen, getting employees to work is a primary concern for employers and Uber’s internal data has revealed that 70% of companies are already planning transportation solutions for their employees.

Through its suite of ridesharing solutions Uber for Business will continue playing a pivotal role in the business recovery process and help companies get back to normal, along with unlocking new earning opportunities for drivers.