The most beloved word in the world is mother. Whether it is Mother Earth or Cow Mother, but COVID-19 has taught us that both of our mothers are sad, and due to which this epidemic like Corona has disturbed the world. Because the reason is neither our environment is safe nor our cow mother.

For the safety of both of them, Kamdhenu Gau Amrita has prepared ‘Vaidik Rakhi’ through Cow Dung which will be filled with positive energy by tying it on brother’s hand on the occasion of Rakshabandhan.

A lamp made of cow dung of Gau Mata will fill life with light with oxygen and the fire will create an atmosphere of positive energy (whereas burning of trees in havan makes carbon dioxide and burning of cow dung gets oxygen).

Kamdhenu Gau Amrita also provides cow dung sticks for funeral, if human does not get salvation, then that soul will continue to wander, so if Gangajal, Gomutra and Gaukasht are being used during the last rites, human easily gets salvation and going to Param Dham (Gokuldham).

The use of cow dung will not only bring salvation but also protect the environment because the more people use the cow dung, the less wood is needed and the less trees are cut down, and it’s direct benefit will be in preserving the environment.

Let’s give a gift to our beloved with a pen stand, a pot along with sapling, a wall clock and a lamp(Diya) in Diwali which is made by Cow Dung by Kamdhenu Gau Amrita.

Support to Kamdhenu Gau Amrita and help us in making the country indigenous.

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