Chetan Korada is the first ever racer in Asia and second in the world to reach the pinnacle in motorsport with prosthetic limbs

Chetan Korada, Asia’s first ever racer with prosthetic feet, has become the proud winner of Round One of the MRF Saloon Car Championship 2020 which recently took place at the Madras Motor Racetrack (MMRT) in the outskirts of Chennai. On his debut at this event and competing with seasoned veteran drivers and exciting new racing talent, Korada showed sublime form over a run of six races and achieved a podium finish.

With the ‘Winter Series’ for Junior Single-Seater drivers, the MRF Challenge has gained much popularity in the racing circuit and has seen enthusiastic participation from racing drivers across the country.

Jubilant with his initial win, Chetan Korada said: “I’m thrilled to secure this win in the Round One of MRF Saloon Car Championship 2020 and to top it all, winning it in front of my home crowd in Chennai just makes it perfect. This is a truly memorable moment for me and now I am aiming to secure another win in Round Two. I am thankful to QNET for their unflinching support over the years. QNET came into my life at the best possible moment and since 2005 my admiration has only grown for the company. My journey so far has been fantastic and will continue to be so in years to come. I owe a lot of my growth and success to QNET, for it has not only aided in my financial security but has also helped me realise my goals and excel in my racing career.”

Korada, now 33, has had an eventful and inspirational journey over the years, despite being the only differently abled Asian racecar driver. He was born in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, and he went on to spend his formative years in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Chetan holds the distinction of being the first ever driver from Asia and second in the world to participate and win a race using synthetic feet. At a tender age, he had to undergo bilateral amputation because of a deformity during birth. He was always drawn to the racetracks since an early age and entered competitive racing in 2007. He has had several top finishes in various championships including MMSC Summer Cup Champion 2009 (Class-FISSME) and JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship (Class-Formula LGB Swift 1300cc). Recently, Chetan also finished as the runner up in the National Championship Formula LGB 1300. Korada also won second place in Formula 1300 at the MRF Championship in 2018. He became the Formula MRF 1600 National Champion second runner-up in the MRF FMSCI National Racing Championship 2017.