1. Customers can upgrade from any petrol 2-wheeler to Okinawa Electric Bikes
  2. CredR to provide an instant exchange price for the petrol 2-wheeler
  3. Launching in Ahmedabad, Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore

Electric mobility has gained unprecedented importance in India over the last few years. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are becoming environment conscious and are moving towards the adoption of electric vehicles. Moreover, EVs are gaining higher acceptability due to the low purchase price, low running costs and ease of use. With people moving towards EVs, it was natural for CredR – an Omni-channel two-wheeler used consumer brand to collaborate with Okinawa, India’s leading Electric Mobility OEM. With this collaboration, users can exchange any petrol-based two-wheeler for an Okinawa electric scooter or bike. While exchanging the scooter, CredR will offer instant quotes for old petrol scooters thus reducing the upfront cost of Okinawa scooters.

Users will be provided with convenience and hassle-free exchange of used two-wheelers for electric scooters and receive their new vehicle within days. Customers will need to bring in their old petrol 2-wheelers for a physical inspection and valuation at any Okinawa showroom. An instant price quote/ estimate will be generated through the proprietary pricing application powered by CredR. To complete the transaction, CredR will verify the documents and the health of the petrol version of the two-wheeler. The exchange price will then be adjusted against the final cost of the new Okinawa electric two-wheeler. Currently, the program is applicable in Ahmedabad, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bangalore and Pune and will soon be expanded to other cities across India.

Commenting on this collaboration, Sasidhar Nandigam, Chief Strategic Officer, CredR, said: “India’s Electric mobility landscape is going to change dramatically post COVID-19 pandemic and the sales are expected to rise. As the sales of overall two-wheelers will see a boom, there will also be a rise in sales of second-hand e-two wheelers. Currently, electric mobility contributes to less than 1% of the two-wheelers market that can only increase from here. We are tremendously excited to partner with an industry giant like Okinawa in bringing about this shift in the market.”

Speaking on the announcement, Jeetender Sharma, MD and Co-founder, Okinawa, said: “As one of the leading EV brands in India, we are looking to enhance the accessibility & affordability for e2W buyers. Post unlock, we have seen good demand for Okinawa e-scooters as a reliable and affordable personal mobility solution. We believe increased consciousness towards safer and affordable means for transportation will make more petrol buyers consider EV. At this juncture, the instant exchange scheme from CredR will only help more people buy a Okinawa Electric scooter.