As the Budget for 2021 is soon to be announced, the Co-Founder of Railofy, Rohan Dedhia would like to share his perspective on the upcoming Budget:

Rohan Dedhia, Co-Founder, Railofy, says: “The year 2020 has been unlike anything we have seen before and has revealed several gaps across industries that need to be fixed. Unlike a private enterprise, the Railways in India has to play a balance among its various roles – a social enterprise that seeks to be the backbone of transportation for the majority of India, a profitable enterprise that relies on the minimum budget support from the government, and a modern enterprise focusing on modernization. As we step into 2021, a post-COVID world, our expectation from the budget will be to counter in increasing passenger traffic and solving the long-standing waitlist problem in India by leveraging innovative technologies. Basic infrastructure and operational issues need to be solved for railways to make headway in their role as a social and profitable enterprise in the near future as modernization might still be years away”.