Below is a quote by Mr. Ravichandran Purushothaman, President, Danfoss India:

“Rapid urbanisation and the effects of climate change has created a systemic pressure on the water sector to uncover a sustainable relationship that balances demand and supply. Today, close to one-third of the world’s population is estimated to live in water stressed and scarcity areas and by 2040, almost 20 per cent of all countries are anticipated to experience extremely high water stress.

While responsible consumption is the first step towards finding a solution, there is a need for a policy driven consensus to invest in efficient technology that is designed to prevent wastage across the distribution channels and improve the utility of waste-water resources. An environment-friendly approach to enhance the water infrastructure of world and also develop an integrated approach towards solving the water-food-energy nexus is the need of the hour. World Water Day serves as a reminder to build a collaborative effort among citizens, industry leaders and the government to work towards the goal of ‘zero water wastage’ – that will form the foundation to engineer a safe and sustainable future for the coming generations”.