• Enhancing Road Safety for Private Car Owners in India
• The dash cams under Y Series are available with free hardware kit and SD Card

Safe Cams Digital Eye, a Pune-headquartered renowned in-car safety solutions provider Indian brand, has announced the launch of its latest dash camera range – the ‘Y Series Dash Cams’, developed primarily for offline selling in Tier-1 markets across India. The ‘Y Series’ consists of two cutting-edge variants, i.e., a single-camera dashcam (Y2) and dual-camera dashcam (Y3S), both of which come with a free-of-cost hardwire kit and an SD card as standard. Besides, both these variants have 1080P resolution, 170° ultra-wide angle, Sony Low-Light Sensor, P2P Wi-Fi and 3Axis G-Sensor, among other advance hi-tech features, and have been tested to suit Indian road conditions optimally.

With the launch of the Y Series, Safe Cams wants to consolidate its position as the most-trusted and leading dash camera brand in India. The Y2 and Y3S dash cams have been developed with the sole intent to help private car owners and individual car drivers of India to prevent or minimize the chances of road accidents and / or mishaps on road. Safe Cams will be mainly targeting to sell its Y Series’ dash cameras through the offline mode, i.e., through car accessory stores in Pune and other cities of India. Additionally, Safe Cams is providing hands-on training to the car accessory shops / outlets to ensure point-of-purchase installation of the dash cameras that are bought by the customers.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Vanesh Naidoo, Founder & Director, Safe Cams Digital Eye, says: “In the Indian market, we have off late seen an increased demand for dash cams that have hardwire kits rather than a cigarette lighter-type charger. A hardwire kit consists of a power cable that enables the dash camera to obtain power directly from the fuse box of a vehicle; it is a superior and more convenient way of connecting the dash camera to your car. Keeping this in mind, we have designed our Y series dash cameras, which we intend to sell mainly through the offline market, as no other brand in India is currently selling such a solution offline via retail car accessory stores. Our Y Series’ dash camera range is truly unique because we are offering a complementary hardwire kit as well as SD card; thus we are essentially providing a complete dash camera package for car owners and individuals looking to protect their vehicles.”

“Our D Series cameras have been quite popular in India over the past few years, as it was our budget range of consumer dash cams. Now with the launch of the Y Series, we are looking to provide one-stop car safety solutions to our growing pool of customers, especially the middle income to high income earning private car owners. Our goal is to capture the offline market for dash cameras in India; to that end, we are now actively looking to partner with distributors across various Tier 1 cities of the nation,” adds Mr. Vanesh Naidoo.

Notably, the hardware kit that comes with Y Series’ dash cams allows for the use of ‘Parking Guard’ mode that records any disturbances even when the vehicle is left parked and unattended. There are two main functionalities of ‘Parking Guard’: 1) Time lapsed video is recorded every 2-3 seconds in one frame, which can be stitched together later to form a video so that you can see what happed around your vehicle while it was parked. 2) Motion-based camera activation: the dash camera has a built in accelerometer, so if anything moved the vehicle (like another car hitting it) while it was parked, the camera will switch on and record the incident.

Below mentioned is a brief overview of the key features of the newly-launched Y Series dash cams from Safe Cams Digital Eye:

Y2 dash camera: A reliable, feature-rich dashboard camera having Full HD video capability enhanced with Wide Dynamic Range Imaging and Low Light Sensor, and other advanced features like G-sensor, Continuous loop recording, Anti-shake and a 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lens make this camera a sound investment for your family’s road safety. It comes with a free 32 GB SD Card.

Y3S dash camera: The Y3S has dual cameras, i.e., a front and a rear camera recording in Full HD; this ensures all-round protection for your vehicle. Both cameras contain low light sensors for great night video footage. It comes with a free 64 GB SD Card.