Automatic Magnetic Bead Based DNA/RNA/Protein Separation and Extraction System with “Rental Control Module” first time in India.

Statex is a well known company in textile instrumentation and now they are entering into a manufacturing of Biotech products. Statex is a 35-years-old company and a leading manufacturer in “Textile Testing Instruments”. They have developed many textile testing instruments for the “first time in India” and made it indigenous with their advanced production facilities in Coimbatore. Statex is having more than 10 patents in their name.

Statex textile instruments are well accepted in India and in international markets due to their high quality standard and service. They are having all in house facilities to develop any electronic and mechanical combination products controlled by computer. Well experienced 180 employees are there in production to meet their international quality and ISO & CE-IVD standards.

“Statex Electronics” indigenously started developing the biotech products and introduced Automatic Magnetic Beads Based DNA/RNA/Protein Separation and Extraction system with 3 different table top models, with or without “RENTAL CONTROL MODULE”- Owner can control the machine via PASSWORD, SMS and BARCODE READER. A Lessor can monitor the no of tests taken, stocks of the reagent and to control the inventory of leased. Barcode provision will allow using lessor reagent only.

1) Statex Xtractor HT – 600 with Biosafety Cabinet Class-II, Type A-2 (For Hazardous Samples)
2) Statex Xtractor HT – 501 (For Non-Hazardous samples)
3) Statex Xtractor HT – 600/A with Safety Cabin and UV Light

1) Statex Xtractor HT – 600:

a) Magnetic bead based system to extract nucleic acids (DNA/RNA/Protein) of highest yield and quality for hazardous samples like Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Blood, Plasma, Urine and Serum – Patented.
b) The system is designed to be very simple and user friendly for processing upto 96 samples in one run with 4/6 stations.
c) The key advantage of using Statex Xtractor HT is to isolate nucleic acids with minimal processing time of 20 to 60 mins with option for time and process selection.
d) Provided with Biosafety Cabinet Class – II Type A2 with inbuilt UV lamp for processing viral samples.
e) Differential pressure gauge to ensure free flow of filter conditions.

2) Statex Xtractor HT – 501:

Magnetic bead based system to extract nucleic acids (DNA/RNA/Protein) for non-hazardous samples like Plant & Food without Biosafety Cabinet – Patented.

3) Statex Xtractor HT – 600/A:

Xtractor HT 600/A is as similar as Xtractor HT 501, but having safety cabinets with UV light, but without other Biosafety norms.

Mr. K. Subramaniam, Statex Managing Director, told that they are going to launch two more Biotech products soon. Their aim is to develop very sophisticated Biotech product indigenously to meet our Indian requirement.

Statex is new to this Biotech field and is looking for good experienced young and dynamic marketing agents in India and abroad.

For details, contact: Statex Electronics, E-49, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Kurichi, Coimbatore – 641021, Tamil Nadu. Phone: +919943022722, +919843622022, Email: Website: