Keeping pace with the very popular trend of Goggle style face shields in global markets, Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer Steelbird Hi-tech India (SBHT), has launched stylish “Steelbird Goggle-Style Face Shield”. This Transparent, Chrome & Anti-Fog face shield is a unisex fashion protective wear for men, women & children.

The Goggle Style Face Shield comes with 180° Safety Coverage to protect from the harmful virus without causing inconvenience. The face shield integrates a clear face visor and anti-scratch glasses in one design, thus keep you safe by blocking the harmful air.

Commenting on the current need of a protective unisex face shield, Mr. Rajeev Kapur, Managing Director, Steelbird Group, indicated: “Our country recently faced the deadly second wave and it’s time to step up on protection. Hence, the face shield is the need of the hour and keeping up with the spirit of the pandemic fashion, we are pleased to bring this ultra-cool goggle for protection that’s both – windproof & waterproof.

The face shield is both stylish & effective as it offers safety that spans both side and front face, that is 180-degree protection from forehead to chin. It ensures that the eyes, nose, and mouth remain protected from unwanted bacteria, viruses and airborne infections.”

The goggle face shield boasts of crystal-clear HD glass and covers the full face. It is made from an unbreakable polycarbonate shield which ensures its durability. This also has active eye protection with a comfortable fit so that users can wear it for long hours. It can be worn on top of spectacles. The face shield are lightweight and offers ample space away from the eyes that allow for free flow of air up and down, preventing any fog or condensation to build-up.

The face shield will prove to be extremely useful in workplace environments such as hair salons and spa professionals, restaurants, food services. As the shield is transparent, it will make the wearer’s lips visible, facilitating lip-reading and helps see the speaker’s facial expressions.

It is easy to wear and use. Also, since it is washable, hence, can be used multiple times by cleaning it with water or disinfectant.

Priced at Rs. 399/-, Steelbird Goggle-Style Face Shield comes in sizes XS – Large. It is available at all Steelbird outlets and on Bag you piece today, as safety comes first!