Compressed air system upgrade helps Pintura Industrial Reus S.A. (PIRSA) increase productivity and deliver a 40% decrease in electricity spends

ELGi Compressors Europe, a subsidiary of ELGi Equipments Ltd., one of the world’s leading air compressor manufacturers, completed a compressed air system upgrade at the Pintura Industrial Reus S.A. (PIRSA) plant in Callús, Spain. With the upgrade, PIRSA, a Spanish producer of paints, pavements, coatings, and waterproofing for the food and pharmaceutical industry, improved the site’s productivity and energy efficiency levels, resulting in approximate savings of 1,500 EUR a month.

ELGi and Klug, ELGi’s Channel Partner in Spain, replaced the customer’s aging and inefficient system with a turnkey compressed air solution that supports the transportation of paint through a network of pipes for canning and shot blasting. The new system features the ELGi EG75 VFD (variable-frequency drive) unit. The combination of the low rotational speed and a variable-frequency drive ensures the compressor adapts to changes in demand while optimizing the airflow, resulting in higher reliability, lower energy consumption, and reduced noise.

“Working together with ELGi proved to be a game-changer for us,” said Miguel Ángel Martín, the owner and General Manager of PIRSA. “The new unit delivered immediate results, comprising a 40% reduction in energy consumption and lower maintenance costs. This translated into lower electricity bills and lower operating costs. The results? We lowered our production site’s carbon footprint and met our quality standards while continuing to deliver only the best products for our customers”.

“As air compressor manufacturers, we believe in right-sizing compressors for our customer’s requirements. We study customer applications and recommend the right size of compressors, ensuring our energy-efficient products provide customers with significant savings in energy costs translating to a reduction in carbon footprint while reducing environmental impact. The ELGi EG Series with a built-in variable-frequency drive translates to reduced power consumption, better energy savings, and, most importantly, a satisfied customer. Just one of the many ways by which we demonstrate why we’re #Alwaysbetter,” said Victor Escolano Marco, Regional Manager at ELGi Iberia.

The robust design of the EG-Series compressor range enables operations at extreme temperatures, from cold to hot, and from dry to extremely humid conditions, leading overall to higher reliability of the compressed air system across Europe.

ELGi’s high-efficiency airends are equipped with in-house developed η-V profile rotors, with the 4/5 lobe combination. The rotors are designed to run at optimum speeds and reduce pressure losses. The unique OSBIC process (oil separation by impact and centrifugal action) effectively separates air and oil, with minimum pressure drop. This process involves the removal of oil in three stages delivering consistent low oil carryover in the air while increasing the life of the separator element.