Product range includes Concrete Vibrators, Concrete Cutters, Power Trowels, Plate Compactors, Walk- Behind-Rollers & Ride-on-Roller

Greaves Cotton, one of India’s leading and diversified engineering companies, is enabling vendors, contractors and buyers as they launch their own new light construction equipment range- Greaves RelioPro. The high-quality standard products are available at a competitive price across the country at multiple touch points. The new entity comes under Greaves non-automotive engine business.

The light construction industry necessitates equipment that is rugged, capable of heavy-duty jobs, and able to run constantly, Greaves RelioPro promises all that and much more with a robust after sales service network. The line of products includes Concrete Vibrators, Concrete Cutters, Power Trowels, Plate Compactors, Walk Behind Roller and Ride on Roller, enabling higher productivity and low cost of ownership.

Speaking on this occasion, Sunil Shahi, CEO – Greaves Engines & Non-Automotive Business, Greaves Cotton Ltd., said: “We’re excited to introduce Greaves RelioPro, a new line of light construction equipment that focuses on performance, consistency, and ownership. To achieve greater efficiency in the country’s booming construction industry, we seek to supply our customers with best-in-class, high-quality products.”

The construction industry in India is considered one of the largest in terms of volume, and the need for sophisticated and light equipment for the sector is constantly growing. The team of engineers at Greaves recognizes the importance of improving the quality of work. The product range has been designed with a better grasp of on-site performance and real-world applications.

New range is designed to save time and money while delivering high-quality results. 1 year warranty, live demo services as available PAN India, digital hour meter, high compaction force, fully Hydrostatic drive to rollers, high Tensile Rubber shock absorbers, water tank for concrete cutters & roller and attractive offers further distinguish Greaves as a leader in the organised construction equipment segment.

According to industry reports, the Indian construction equipment industry is projected to grow steadily year-on-year and high-quality equipment is critical for its growth. Greaves RelioPro’s wide range of products aims to speed up operations and allow focus on price, dependability, quality, and delivery.