On World Tourism Day, Ampere Electric, the e-mobility business of Greaves Cotton Ltd., has announced joining hands with BLive, India’s first EV Tourism platform to promote EV tourism across the country.. India is a treasure of hidden jewels of art, culture and rich heritage. Ampere and BLive have embarked on this unique journey of discovering the same in a clean and green way. Starting in Goa, BLive and Ampere will help showcase unseen undiscovered India explored on an Electric Scooter.

The energy efficient, comfortable & reliable range of Ampere escooters will play significant role in promoting zero emission commutation, thus strengthening cause of responsible & sustainable tourism across popular travel destinations across India with BLive. Ampere is a preferred choice for customers looking for cost-effective and environmentally friendly mobility options because the scooters can cover long distances in one single charge thus providing uninterrupted movement across tourist spots. In addition, they can be charged easily across any plug-on-the wall, much alike usual mobile phones. These lightweight scooters are easy to drive, swift to handle in traffic & park even by the senior travelers, women & teenagers. They have proven superiority in frequent start-stop-go operations as experienced by 100,000 customers of Ampere. Ampere escooters come with lightweight portable batteries that can be easily lifted & moved for charging even in high rise buildings, hotels & staycation destinations. Both brands will work together to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles on a massive scale, resulting in India becoming Electrified.

Speaking of the partnership, Roy Kurian, COO, Ampere Vehicles, said: “We are excited to partner with BLive, this association will enhance the electrification in last mile with ecofriendly mobility solutions. With fleets adopting EV’s, we will truly speed up move towards sustainable tourism. The association will prove that EVs can be great commuting option when it comes to multiple short distance trips & even long distance intracity travel”.

On the partnership, Samarth Kholkar & Sandeep Mukherjee Co-Founders, BLive, said: “Ampere Vehicles are one of the top electric vehicles in the country and we feel happy to play a crucial part in achieving the India Electrified dream. This is the first of its kind partnership and we believe that the ecosystem coming together and joining hands to promote the adoption of clean & affordable mobility solutions, much faster. BLive is present across 9 states and over 15 locations and has already conducted over 16000 EV tours. The top-rated experiences have given consumers a firsthand access to EVs.

Ampere electric vehicles come with exceptionally good ride & drive comfort & are quieter than most ICE vehicles. It will make a perfect travel companion for anyone who enjoys the sounds of nature and the scenic atmosphere. Every traveler is conscious of the carbon footprint & there is a growing awareness on sustainable travel especially in the Post Covid world. Sustainability spans across the environment to promote local community. This partnership will ensure the positive impact desired towards protecting the same& create multiple employment opportunities in line with the theme for WTD 2021, which centers around Inclusive Growth.

As a responsible brand pioneering the cause of clean last-mile mobility in the country, Ampere vehicles address health-conscious citizens looking forward to buying smart products that are affordable & sustainable in the long run. With COVID pandemic, protection of health & wealth has assumed significant importance. Ampere electric scooters are ready to support all eco-conscious customers with this unique value proposition.