Greaves Cotton, one of India’s leading and diversified engineering companies, has enhanced access to finance for electric vehicles as part of Greaves Electric Mobility through its NBFC subsidiary Greaves Finance. The program’s unique features include – Instant loan disbursement, low interest rates, simple and quick financing choices with low cost EMIs, and access to affordable financing options.

With the festive season coming up, Greaves aims to tap EV enthusiasts wanting to own electric vehicles by providing them with required finance. We have a wide range of financing options for electric 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers & are now available at select Ampere dealerships, AutoEVmart and Greaves Retail outlets.

Electrification is pivotal to decarbonisation & with these special finance schemes, Greaves electric aims to broaden the base of EV buyers especially in smaller towns & cities. India has a growing middle class population who aspire to own their dream vehicle for nearby commutes. This is going to increase in the upcoming festive period & higher movement expected with opening up of trade & markets post higher vaccination. Customers seeks affordable commuting options with electric vehicles seeing higher demand in light of higher petrol prices. To support this dream of multiple buyers, Greaves Finance has announced, ‘EV DreamFest’, one-of-a-kind initiative that will facilitate easy purchase of escooters & e3W for various set of buyers. Now, everyone can own one electric vehicle in upcoming period.

Speaking on the announcement, Ravindra Pathak, Head Greaves Finance, Greaves Cotton Ltd., said: “Greaves is ready to be the enabler that helps in expanding access to sustainable mobility for a wide variety of consumers while also providing hassle-free and personalized financing options for e-2W and e-3W buyers. The EV Dreamfest will enable customers to realise their ambition of purchasing an electric vehicle.”

Greaves Electric is supporting EV adoption in the country with its ambitious objective of #MovingBillionsWithGreaves. The organization is supporting the entire ecosystem with uninterrupted last-mile mobility of people, commodities, and services by catering to both B2C and B2B domains. In the long run, the EV Dreamfest initiative will assist the burgeoning EV ecosystem by facilitating flexible finance options, in turn enabling a shift from traditional ICE vehicles to a complete EV ecosystem.