Quality compressed air powers hypoxic systems to simulate altitude changes and enhance athletic endurance for French Rugby Teams

ELGi Compressors Europe, a subsidiary of Elgi Equipments Ltd., one of the world’s leading air compressor manufacturers, announced the installation of ELGi’s EG Series range of screw air compressors in a wide variety of hypoxia systems for improved sports performance. More specifically, some of these systems are used by a Premier French Rugby Team, in addition to other sporting groups. The high-quality, reliable compressed air solution, together with a comprehensive and industry-leading warranty, made ELGi the choice to power these hypoxia systems.

Hypoxic training aims to improve human performance by creating reduced oxygen simulations for athletes exposed to high endurance and high-impact sporting activity. Hypoxic rooms, or ‘chambers’ as they are commonly referred to, distort the oxygen profile, mimicking high altitude and thus tricking the human body into believing the athlete is at a higher elevation.

ELGi’s EG30V installed in a Premier French Rugby Team’s training facilities has an output ranging from 69 to 350 m3/hr and is ideal for reliably creating the required stability and variation in air composition to simulate different altitudes and environments for up to 10 athletes at a time. Similar hypoxic chambers relying on ELGi compressors are used in France and Europe, catering to several different sports disciplines, including endurance sports such as cycling and running.

Nils Blanchard, Regional Manager, France at ELGi Europe, said: “ELGi’s portfolio of air compressors are the perfect choice for an increasing number of companies requiring reliable, low lifecycle cost compressed air. As a rapidly growing company in Europe, together with our customer-centric approach, we pride ourselves on thinking out of the box while providing innovative compressed air solutions to address a wide variety of industrial applications. Contributing to the performance of athletes playing at the highest level of French Rugby is an added bonus!”

The robust design of the EG Series enables operations at extreme temperatures – from cold to hot and from dry to extremely humid conditions, leading overall to higher reliability of the compressed air system. ELGi’s high-efficiency air ends are equipped with in-house developed η-V profile rotors, with the 4/5 lobe combination, designed to run at low rotor speeds. This unique design reduces pressure losses, and together with the OSBIC (Oil separation by impact and centrifugal action), 3-stage separation provides best-in-class energy efficiency.

ELGi air compressors are running in over 100 of similar installations around the world.

For further information on the organisation and its products, please visit http://www.elgi.com