Elgi Equipments Ltd., manufacturer of air compressors, posted a PAT of Rs. 41.73 crores for the December 2021 quarter, compared to Rs. 34.61 crores in the same period in 2020-21, on a consolidated basis. The standalone PAT for the quarter was Rs. 45.78 crores as compared to Rs. 33.47 crores in the same period in 2020-21.

Consolidated sales for the quarter was Rs. 656 crores as against Rs. 547 crores in the corresponding quarter in 2020-21. Standalone sales for the quarter was Rs. 409 crores compared to Rs. 323 crores for the same quarter in 2020-21.

Except for the Australia where the impact of COVID was more pronounced, the company performed well in India and other international markets. The company’s automotive business also performed well.

Outlook for the fourth quarter – 2021-22

The company expects to deliver moderate growth over the corresponding period of the last financial year.

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