Reinforces preventive healthcare with the goodness of science

Amway India, one of the country’s leading FMCG Direct Selling companies, partners with premier institute IIT Bombay, to accelerate research in the field of Nutraceuticals, Botanicals, and Herbal supplements. As a part of this MoU, a team of in-house Amway researchers in collaboration with IIT Bombay will pioneer methods and techniques to bring breakthrough innovation in the field of Health Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Botanicals, and Herbal supplements to gain deeper insights into Amway’s nutrition & herbal range of products and ingredients.

The partnership will leverage the cutting-edge systems biology and modeling approaches to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions between human physiology and various nutrients and botanicals.

Speaking about the association, Anshu Budhraja, CEO, Amway India, said: “We are honored to sign the MoU with one of India’s most reputed institutes, IIT-Bombay, and work together to enhance our scientific knowledge of Amway’s nutrition range of products. At Amway, our endeavor has always been to promote self-care by offering innovative products combining the best of nature, best of science, and traditional wisdom. In line with our efforts to launch differentiated products that can make inroads into markets so far unexplored, Amway has been investing in product innovation, fueled by higher spending in research and development. Our collaborative efforts with IIT Bombay will further enhance the scientific credibility of the Amway Nutrition range, thus providing a competitive advantage for #Nutrilite. In addition, it will empower Amway direct sellers and their consumers at large with an evidence-based, scientific understanding of the products. As a part of our multiyear growth strategy, I’m confident that such credible association will facilitate us to achieve milestones in the field of Health Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Botanicals, and Herbal supplements thus reinforcing our vision of helping people live better, healthier lives.”

On the occasion, Dean Alumni Corporate Relations (ACR), IIT Bombay Prof. Suhas S. Joshi said: “IIT Bombay is happy to support the research goals of Amway India through a MoU. The Institute strives to collaborate and add value to our industrial partners towards mutual research and development goals. We look forward to more such projects in the future.”

Dr. Shyam Ramakrishnan, Ph.D., Head Emerging Markets, Innovation, and Science, Amway, said: “With a rapidly developing science and technology base, India is fast emerging as a prominent hub of innovation R&D for both global and Indian players. We, at Amway, have pioneered and perfected a plant-based approach to supplementation and are constantly exploring ways to enhance our scientific understanding of various micro and macronutrients essential for human health. I am positive that our association with IIT-Bombay will beget some compelling scientific research work in the areas of Health Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Botanicals, and Herbal supplements and will showcase Amway as a science-driven organization.”

As per the recent global survey conducted by Amway, an entrepreneur-led health and wellness company, and The Logit Group, there has been a positive shift in consumer behavior, with 83% of Indian respondents, regularly consuming health, and wellness supplements. For over eight decades, Amway has been ensuring the highest quality of the ingredients through its exclusive and extensive traceability plan to provide its customers with pure, safe, and effective supplements.