Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to have stamp of approval ratings firmly in place, with no competitor in sight. According to US based agency tracking global leaders, PM Modi has again emerged as the most popular leader with an approval ratings of 77%. His closest state head if Mexico’s Lopez Obrador but his approval ratings is also almost 15% far than Narendra Modi, speaking volumes about latter’s global appeal.

Among the 13 world leaders surveyed by the research firm, Narendra Modi has topped the list with 77% followed by Mexico’s Obrador with 63%, Italy’s Mario Draghi with 54% and Japan’s Fumio Kishida with 45% approval ratings. Modi also happens to rank lowest in disapproval ratings list.

According to the data, PM Modi has stood as the most popular global leader for most of the period from January 2020 to March 2022. The two-year period was marked by unprecedented challenges enveloping the world including Covid-19 and lockdown.

In mid-2020, PM Modi’s approval ratings stood at a high of 84% while touched its lowest at 63% in mid 2022 when second wave struck. But, despite all that, he maintained numero uno position. The latest approval ratings are for the data collected between March 9 – March 15.

US President Joe Biden and UK PM Boris Johnson, apparently seen as powerful leaders, fare poorly on the Morning Consult chart. Biden’s ratings have been falling since he took Presidency and today stands at mere 41% while British PM ranks the lowest with an approval rating of just 33%.

Morning Consult, the US-based popularity tracker, surveys real time data based on 7-day moving average of all adults in a given country. It’s surveys have a margin error of ± 1-3 per cent.